About Me

I have 23 years of experience porting & polishing for one of the most well known speed shops in Alabama, known nationwide. I have hands on every single head & intake that comes through our shop.  "NOTHING!" leaves before it is inspected.  We want to ensure that you get the best quality and service.  Again We Do Use A SuperFlow 600 Bench to ensure proper CFM output!!!!

Please contact me prior to shipping your cylinder heads and/or Intake. Please ship your cylinder heads in separate boxes, due to damages that we have seen during the shipping process, i.e. scratches etc., from the heads hitting together.  Also, if you plan to use the packaging popcorn, then please place your cylinder heads and/or Intake into a trash bag before shipping to prevent any of the popcorn from becoming lodged in the water jackets,etc. Also, please ship your heads in separate boxes because they are too heavy for one box.

In addition we have several different cylinder heads & intake FOR SALE.

Thank you for choosing Abbotts SuperFlow Port & Polish for all of your racing cylinder head/Intake needs!!! 
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Phone: (256) 347-8453         Email: ronny.68@live.com 
Shipping Address:  540 Old Arley Road, Houston, AL  35572
ABBOTTS SuperFlow Port & Polish